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Product name : vertical Type Fresh air uit
Item : BFP
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Vertical Type Fresh Air Unit

1. Vertical type

2. air volume from 1,500 to 40,000m3/h for option



Unique combining design:

Based on the ten years’ experience, together with the innovation philosophy, Chunyi provides unique combining design. The mixing parts, filtering parts, cooling parts ,heating parts, moisturizing parts, silencing parts and fan parts are separately manufactured and combined together according to different application requirements, range from the common air-conditioner for comfort to clean manufacturable air-conditioner, such as strict hospital operation room and clean room of integrated circuit 

The height and width can be flexibly chosen to satisfy the on-site requirements for the unit dimensions.

The separated parts can be delivered to the jobsite and then installed onsite.


Reasonable frame, Durable and reliable quality; Superior heat-retaining properties.

use reinforced alumina alloy frame, connect the unit to be firm entity by means of high strength horn device,in the mean time, layout the reasonable central support so that the unit is evenly pressured and not be out of shape under the high pressure.

The unit surface panel is double wainscot structure, inside is galvanized-steel plate and outside is colorful combined steel plate, in-between is sealed by the 30-50mm fluorite-free polyurethane as heat insulating materials, which has low coefficient of heat conductivity and good water-proof and heat insulating effects. Inside the wainscot, there are reinforcing structure for the purpose of durableness and firmness.

Between the wainscot and frame, there are heat insulated protection and no cold bridge with low air leakage and good sealing.


Guaranteed performance, superior quality

The pipe coil (cooler, heater) are designed according to the ASI standard of America Refrigeration Association, employing the imported heat exchanger with copper pipe aluminum sheet production line, the pipe coil has high ratio of heat exchanging and low air and water resistance. For the heater,you can choose steel pipe wound by the aluminum sheet(steel sheet)or copper and aluminum clad pipe. The fan is of double air intake centrifugal fan tailored for the domestic advanced central air-conditioner, with the result of high efficiency, low noise and wide range of squeeze head. The high-efficiency motor is installed in the fan parts with the dust in air kept out, so the fan can operate in the clean and low-temperature air and the electricity consumption is lowered and the motor life is prolonged. The unit can be equipped with Humidifier by dry steam, high-pressure spray humidifier, wet film humidifier so as to the better moisturizing and energy saving.


Smooth operation, shock-proof

  The fan and motor, connected by the soft pipe hose, are installed on the shock absorbing bracket of the spring so as to remove the shock transmission. The fan shaft and impeller is closely coordinated, all the impellers are regulated through the dynamic and static balance test with the result of smooth rotation.


Easy maintenance

   The unit is equipped with specially designed access door ,so that it can be easily opened and repaired. The box can be disassembled; you can take out al l the parts to be repaired with no damage to the hardness of box

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