Forelora HVAC Equipment Manufactory

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Name: Bellina Wan
Tel: +86-25-86981286
Fax: +86-25-86981186
Mobile: +86-13951622056
Add: No 58 Gushan Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province
Skype: bellinawan
MSN: Skype: bellinawan

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Forelora HVAC Equipment Manufactory has been engaged in producing HVAC system equipment for more than 20 years. Our 16,000-square-meter factory is located in Jingjiang of Jiangsu Province, less than 150km away from Shanghai. We enjoy convenient transportation.Our products mainly include fan coil units, air handling units, air diffusers, volume control dampers, fire dampers, spring hangers, spring mounts, flexible ducts and air filters. As a professional manufacturer, we always focus on market trend, analyze the information from market carefully to drive us to develop new products and meet different clients' needs. Moreover, we always place emphasis on quality control, so we have implemented a QC system with international standards to ensure high quality.

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